Projects for Suplimentary Nutrition



For cities of Wukro, Agulae, Negash and Alitena


The Dry Ration program consists in giving to every child a ration of Famix (prepared specially for children suffering from malnutrition), mixed with oil and sugar, uncooked. It is also complimanted with medicines such as vitamin A, iron, folic acid and mebendazole.

Between the years 2007 and 2010, this programme helped 7,680 children from Wukro, Agulae, Negash and Alitena.  This projec is still going on today! It is the staff from the Health centre who conduct the whole process of selection, control and monitoring. Nutritional Support for children under years with moderate malnutrition.



Project for nutririon outside the populations of Wukro and Agulae



This program supplies 8kg of porridge and 2kg of milk every month to the mothers of children under 5 years of age suffering from malnutrition who are unable to get to the supply points due to the long distance between them and their homes.

There is a periodic control of weight and vaccinations. All the products are elaborated in Ethiopia, in a factory in Addis Abeba.

This project is still going on today!




Project for rural develoment in favour of woman


Up to 320 families have beneffited from it.

The aim of this project is to promote the development of women’s role in rural zones. The woman who benefit from it are offered credit to take part in the following activities:
– Milk production
– Breeding of bees to produce honey
– Buying bulls for tilling
– Cultivation of Frutal trees and vegetables.
Up to 320 families have beneffited from it.
The project also includes activities to promote awareness of gender issues.

This project has had the result of the improvement of family economy.


Project for the development of the city of Wukro


Up to 340 families benefited from it.

This project has been developed as a result of the petitions from the Tigray region, with the following aims:
– To give support to the processes for local development.
– To increase the capacity for action of people and entities.
– To increase the independance of women.
– To promote an adequate alimentation and the means to produce it.

10 chickens and a hen house per family.
Construction of wells to improove the cultivation area.
Dairy cows and the construction of stables for cooperatives formed by families. 


Project for microloans in the population of Wukro


The project for microloans for woman in Wukro is to give continuity to the project for basic alimentation for children under 5 years and achieve a double goal:
– To continue the progressive improvement of the children’s nutrition and to, therefore, improve their present and future health.
– To prvide woman who are mothers of a family the tools to escape extreme poverty.

The conditions are:
– 0% interest
– It is returned in a maximum period of 2 years
– The returned microloans will be used to finance new microloans 



Project for Iodized Salt for pregnant women and children



The aim is to reduce the risk of health problems for children, even before they are born.

Lack of iodine implies a high risk of health problems.
The project consists in providing Iodized salt to pregnant woman, together with information about its benefits and how to take it. The mothers participate voluntarily in the project and go through monthly check-ups at the Wakuro Health Centre.
This project also improves the monitoring of pregnancies and, therefore, improves the health of the pregnant woman who participate in the project.







In the year 2001 vitamin complexes, antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medicines were provided to the Health Centre.Vitamin Complexes, antibiotics, anti-diarrhea medications.

In the year 2003, in response to a petition from the Wukro hospital, Rhesogamma was taken in, a medication for the second pregnancies of woman with negative RH.


Construction the Centre of Infant Nutrition to Wukro at the Health Centre



Construction in the Health centre of Wukro of a building of 4 x 12 m2, consisting of two rooms, one being the kitchen and another one being used as a canteen. .

This building is also used to give talks to woman about hygiene, sexual education, etc.

Construction a wharehouse in Wukro next to the canteen in the Centre of Wukro


As a result in the increse of the number of children who use the canteen every day, a pantry is needed to keep the large quantities of food and tools needed there, resulting in greater space in the kitchen.

The cooks are then able to work better and the food is in a better condition.


Deposits to collect rain water


In response to a petition from the Centre of Wukro, in 2005 there were constructed, in the centre, two deposits to collect rain water, with a capacity of 10,000 liters each. 


Nutrition Centre for Infants in Agulae

The new canteen has been started by the Health Centre in Agulae, in  
a building the Health Centre has provided for us.

This building has been reformed by painting and cleaning , and it has water installations installed for the kitchen, as well as sinks for the mothers and children to clean themselves before entering the canteen.  

Construction the Centre for Infant Nutrition in Negash

A water deposit has also been constructed there.

At the end of 2005 the Health Centre of Negash provided us with a building in a very poor condition for use as a canteen.

This building has been reformed by improving its structure and building a new ceiling. Water installations have been provided for the kitchen, and sinks have been constructed for the mothers and children to wash themselves before entering the canteen.

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