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Wukro, Agulae, Negash and Alitena in the Tigray region, in the north of Ethiopia.

More than 85% of the people in this region make a living from agriculture while only  24% have access to drinking water.

Wukro is a population situated in the Tigray region, in the north of Ethiopia and very near the border with Eritrea.

Agulae is located  11Km  north of Wukro, Negash at about 15Km  the north of Wukro and Alitena further to the north,  approximately 7Km from the border with Eritrea. The capital of Tigray is Mekele.

The area of Tigray is 50,286Km2, the total population is  4,206,500 inhabitants, and the density of population is  83?65 hab/Km2.

The population is mainly from Tigray (94.98%), but there are also armaric (2.6%), kunama (0.05%) and erob or saho (0.5%) minorities.  95.5% are Orthodox Christians, and  4.1% are Sunni Muslims.

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